DeSmet Province 4th Degree Knights of Columbus - Religiously Devoted, Patriotically Proud - MT, WY, ND, SD
4th Degree Sir Knights - Religiously Devoted, Patriotically Proud

Born out of sense of nationalism; the original purpose of the Fourth Degree is to foster the spirit of patriotism by promoting responsible citizenship and a love of and loyalty to the Knights' respective countries through active membership in local Fourth Degree groups called Assemblies. Fourth Degree members must retain their membership as Third Degree members in the local Council to remain in good standing. 

As a Fourth Degree Knight you have the opportunity to become part of your assembly's color corps. As a color corps member, you will be recognized widely by the distinctive attire of tuxedo, feathered hat (chapeau) cape and sword. Color corps members regularly take part in civic events such as parades, military affairs, wreath-laying ceremonies, and in ecclesial functions.

As of August 4tth, 2017 there is a new uniform for the fourth degree color corps and it can be ordered through Knights Gear on the Supreme website. Effective July 1st, 2018 the regalia consisting of the cape and Chapeaux will no longer be permissible in any honor/color guard.

Any 3rd Degree Knight, in good standing, may be sponsored into the 4th Degree by a current 4th Sir Knight who is also in good standing. The Candidate will then attend a 4th Degree Exemplification in order to have the honors of the 4th Degree conferred upon him. 

Link to current 4th Degree Color Corps Manual by pasting the below address into your browser:

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