DeSmet Province 4th Degree Knights of Columbus - Religiously Devoted, Patriotically Proud - MT, WY, ND, SD
Province of DeSmet
The Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus DeSmet Province includes the Districts of Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

It is one of 21 Provinces within the Knights of Columbus and is overseen by a Vice Supreme Master who reports directly to the Supreme Master and sits on the Supreme Assembly.

4th Degree Honor Guard for Our Lady of Fatima

WSM Dennis Stoddard, FVSM Paul Lambert, FVSM Jim Scroggins,  and SK Havier Cabralles

Billings Montana

Fr. Pauwelyn #587, carrying the statue of our Blessed Mother to its new home at St. Francis K-8 school during the 3 day event of celebrating 100 yrs of Fatima on Oct 13th, 2017

         The Golden Eagle Award

Presented to the DeSmet Province VAVS
Volunteer of the Year as selected by the 
Vice Supreme Master. This prestigious 
award, while considered annually, is not 
necessarily awarded each year.

The Golden Eagle Award Winner for 2015 -2016:    
 SK Steven Valenti - Fargo, ND Assembly

VSM's Note: SK Valenti was also the runner-up for the National VAVS Male Volunteer of the Year! CONGRATULATIONS Steven!

Fr. Pauwelyn #587 of Billings Mt posting the flag on Oct 1, 2017 that they donated and provided funds along with council #9976 to build the flagpole on the soccer field at Rocky Mountain College

 Vice Supreme Master's Award of Merit

Presented to an Assembly deserving of special recognition as determined by the Vice Supreme Master.

The VSM's Award of Merit 2015 -2016:
West Fargo, ND Assembly for Outstanding performance in their first year of Existence.

Provincial Star District Award

Provincial Star District Award 2015 -2016:               
District of North Dakota, Glenn Wagner, MFD

Duties of DeSmet Province Vice Supreme Master

As a part of his assigned duties, DeSmet Vice Supreme Master Glenn Wagner coordinates the exemplifications scheduled in North Dakota with MFD Richard Niebauer, South Dakota with MFD Jerald Bankston, Wyoming with MFD Bob Taylor, and Montana with MFD Wayne Mangold.

Glenn Wagner, PSD, MFD is the new VSM and assumed his duties September 1, 2017.

History of DeSmet Province Vice Supreme Masters:

Glenn Wagner      2017                ND
Ken Kingman          2013-2017        MT
Ken Stockwell         2011-2013        WY
Paul Lambert          2007-2011        SD
Michael Marback     2003-2007        ND
Ed Wirtz                1999-2003         MT
Terrence Archbold  1995-1999         WY
Joseph Gittings      1991-1995         SD
Clarence Fisher      1987-1991         ND
Gene Thomas        1985-1987         MT
James Byrd           1979-1985         WY

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